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Welcome to Anthem Service Dogs!

We are proud and excited to announce the big things we have in store for our newly formed organization! Working closely with very dear friends who have committed a big portion of their lives for this cause has given me so much hope for the great things we are planning.

Oklahoma needs more options or resources for obtaining service dogs and we feel our program will take it to the next level and set the new standard for a phenomenal group of clients and volunteers.

With the help of our board members, this week's accomplishments are to read, take notes, and make suggestions. We are laying groundwork for some awesome upcoming opportunities so stay tuned while we prepare every aspect possible to make sure we hit the ground running!

Luckily we all have fur babies who LOVE to help accomplish each task! Even if it means telling us we need a break from a hard morning's work.

I love how Rooney girl makes me be honest with myself and those around me. She can see right through me and knows when I'm pretending. She'll give me that look of "call me when you're serious ma." Followed by "let's do something, just you and me." She loves her one on one time and I think that is important to remember when you have multiple fur babies.

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Laura Boschen
Laura Boschen
30 Jul 2022

Do you have more pictures of your service dogs?

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