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Our Service Dogs

Our dogs spend 2 years training in obedience and tasking while living with their trainer and attending normal daily activities such as going to work, school, restaurants, grocery shopping, sports activities, and socializing with both humans and other animals. Our dogs must meet very strict guidelines to be considered for graduating to new client. 

Mobility Service Dogs

Mobility service dogs can greatly increase independence by decreasing the need for additional human assistance. Simple tasks that can make a huge difference can include opening cabinet doors, retrieving a wheelchair, flipping a light switch, getting help, retrieving dropped items, pushing buttons, or even getting that last sock stuck in the back of the dryer!


PTSD service dogs

Also known as psychiatric service dogs, PTSD service dogs can greatly improve the quality of life for someone living with various forms of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Our dogs are trained to alert to increasing anxiety, interrupting nightmares, turning on lights, providing deep pressure therapy, exiting high stress environments, finding help, retrieving medication, and providing grounding for their handler. 

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