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Who We Are

Anthem Service Dogs, Inc. is a Tulsa based 501c3 nonprofit organization based in the Tulsa area. We are a group of volunteers who train service dogs for persons with disabilities in Oklahoma

Our Mission

To train dogs to become service dogs specializing in mobility and PTSD for disabled veterans and civilians in Oklahoma at no cost.


What Do Our Dogs Do?

Mobility Tasks

  • Medication retrieval

  • Finding, retrieving, and delivering items

  • Turning lights on and off

  • Brace

  • Open and close doors

  • Push buttons for doors and elevators

  • Assist with laundry

PSTD Tasks

  • Alert to increased psychological stress

  • Wake from nightmares

  • Apply deep pressure therapy

  • Stand between handler and approaching person

  • Locate exits

  • Find help


2020 Annual Report    

2020 N990

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