Donations in loving memory..


Rod Robien

      Rod was born and raised in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. His favorite place to visit was the beach and the ocean.


Rod was a perfect salesman.  He worked in sales most of his life and he could honestly sell anything to anyone!  


His greatest accomplishment was marrying the love of his life, Michelle & raising his children, Chris & Carey. He loved his family dearly and he would often say he was proud to see his children live out their dreams.


Rod valued all animals, was a mentor for others, helped those in need, and was always thrilled to take others to see a Green Bay Packer game at Lambeau Field in Green Bay, Wisconsin.


Rod loved antique cars, attending & watching sporting events, listening to music and having great food, doing yard work and projects around the house, and he loved dogs.


Rod had many dogs though out his life. He would rescue & bring home stray dogs.  He has always had a dog or two every year of his life. At his retirement part-time job, he as known as the "dog treat" guy at Riddle Plant Farm.  He always fed and loved watching birds and deer.  He loved all animals and they loved him.


Three words to describe him are Loving, Kind, and Generous.

Thank you Robien family for your generous donation to our program. You are supporting a mission that a we all feel so passionate about and have worked so hard to accomplish.