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Donations in loving memory..

Make a donation in memory of a loved one and their life story will be honored here. We cherish the lives of people who make a difference in lives around them. Making a donation on behalf of a passed love one means their presence and gift continues on to keep impacting people.  

This month's donation in memory comes from the family of William "Bill" NesSmith. He joined the USMC in 1957. Lived next to the donor's parents and was always helpful. He was extra helpful after their mother passed away. He helped their dad with many things including driving to doctor's appointments, etc. After the donor's dad passed away, Bill continued to look over his house. He was always in support of helping veterans so they feel a donation to us can serve as part of his life's passions. 

Thank you Terri Tripp, Sharon Bates, and Karla Tripp for considering us for a donation from someone who made an impact in the lives around them. We love acknowledging the wonderful community we live in and people who share their compassion with others. Thank you for sharing that with us!

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