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Getting a Service Dog

Getting a service dog is both a life-long blessing and commitment. Having a bond with a dog is unlike any other feeling in the world! Despite what some people might think, service dogs are not robots. They require time off work, play time, nap time, and socialization. It is adding a whole new member to your family and demands equal time as other family members.

Our recipient process for our service dogs is not first come first serve. When looking for a potential client for a dog that is close to program completion, we start at the earliest applicants and carefully study each application to find a match not only type of service dog but skill level, energy level, temperament, size, and overall compatibility. Every dog is unique and not 'one-size fits all'. To form the closest working relationship all things must be considered!

Service Dogs we do not currently provide 

  • Hearing Dogs

  • Guide Dogs

  • Medical Alert Dogs (including Seizure Alert and Diabetic Alert Dogs) 

  • Children's Psychiatric Service Dogs




Our requirements for application approval begin with:

  • Have a physical disability

    • This can be anyone who uses a wheelchair, prosthetic, or other types of assistive devices​.

    • Persons with mobility challenges from Muscular Dystrophy, Multiple Sclerosis, Stroke, Cerebral Palsy, Traumatic Brain Injury, Spinal Cord Injury, and other forms of mobility inhibiting issues may qualify. 

  • Being treated by a licensed provider for PTSD

    • Not required to be a veteran, civilians with PTSD also qualify

  • 50% or greater of one or both areas of disabilities 

  • Requires 3 or more tasks from a service dog ​(See our task list)

  • Independent in mobility or live with adults agreeing to participate in care- must be able to properly care for a dog

  • Financially able to support a dog

  • Positive references

  • Must complete 100 hours of team training with selected dog

  • Must complete a Public Access exam once every 12 months

Anthem Service Dogs prides itself in the dedication of the welfare of its dogs. Anthem will retain ownership of the dog for the life of the dog to ensure each dog's needs are met for the entirety of it's life. 

Ready to apply? 

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