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Benson & Chris...A Match Made of Bliss!

We have officially matched our first service dog team! Benson has been specialized in PTSD and mobility work but will be using at least 75% of his PTSD tasks with his new veteran. Chris came to us a while back after years of trying different therapy modalities to process the past trauma he faced while active military duty in Iraq. To no avail, he stumbled upon our organization and made the leap to apply for a service dog.

Once Benson met Chris we almost immediately knew they were meant for each other. Benson threw his paws around his waist and gave him a big kisseroo! He gets so excited when he sees him for training sessions and their personalities are strikingly similar. They have 100 hours of team training ahead of them and started last week. Here are some photos of how its going so far!

Working on skills and tasks at At Home!

A little lovin' at Panera never hurts right?? Benson has always done what he can to lighten your mood and put a smile on your face. He says, "If you take life too seriously you'll miss out on all the belly rubs."

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