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Two New Recruits!

We have two new recruits this month!

A black lab named Peter "Parker" Spiderman has come to us from Dallas. He had began service dog training but as life with humans goes, plans can change! He went through quite a bit of basic obedience and knows a good handful of skills. His momma has a heart of gold and did not want to see his talents wasted. She called us to see if we would be interested in completing his training for one of our clients so now enters Parker boy!

He is a smidge older than what we normally take in, but at 18 months he can still learn quite a bit in a short amount of time. He will be working through our 30 day exposures program to see if what we ask of him suits him. He's been a very good boy!

Second up we have Acacia (formerly Nutmeg)! She is a 5.5 month old shepherd mix from C.A.R.E rescue who tested well when we met her! We go through a few short tests like loud noises, abrupt visual stimulus, interactions, handling, touch sensitivity... things that would occur on a day to day basis in the service dog world. She seemed down with that! We definitely need some girls in our program! Its been overrun with boys for too long 😜

She is also in our 30 day exposures and training program. So far is has learned to retrieve items, open and close doors, and several basic commands. She's having a good time so far!

We will see what the next few weeks hold for these two cutie pies. In the mean time show your love and let them know what a good job they are doing!

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Keep up learning Nutmeg! You are a smart dog! Can't wait meet you!

Mi piace
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