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Growing boys and lots of toys!

It has been a while since we have made a blog entry and we are finally catching up!

What a year it has been! So many people to thank for bringing us through a successful season.

First, Nature's Leaf has been so kind to donate to our program! They are a dispensary is Bixby dedicated to helping a LOT of local veterans through an alternative approach to PTSD as well as many other medical issues that can be assisted with medical marijuana. These guys are so sweet and we are excited about our new relationship with them!!

Next we want to give a huge shout out to OU-Tulsa Zarrow School of Social Work! They are hosting a Lunch & Learn at OU Tulsa Schusterman Center! The cost will be $45 which includes and they will be donating proceeds to Anthem Service Dogs!! This will be April 3rd from 1:00-4:00 and we'll have the doggos for everyone to meet and watch their skills!

Taco "Bean" and Beret "Goof" are right in the hardest age of puppy raising.... 11 months old! They are so incredibly smart but still actively growing out of puppyhood and into adulthood! They both have so many skills down and applying those to real life is the new daily challenge but every day has its own wins. If you ever see one of our trainers be sure to tell they how great they are doing because we truly value their love and patience with our dogs!

Benson is counting down his training days in California with his trainer, Alaina! Pushing through some of those stinker behaviors before being placed is a daily test of love and patience but somehow they will prevail!

Our little Strider man has reached the end of his training. Very saddened to have to share this but he will not continue his service dog training. We are adhering to the highest national standards when it comes to our service dog guidelines. On our scale of 0-3 Strider scores a 2. Each dog must have positive socialization skills, positive obedience skills, and positive task skills. Of the dogs we have had in the past, our current dogs, and future dogs, they must meet these 3 requirements in full. This has been a journey of great scale for Strider but we can't ask for more than he can give and recognizing that will serve our purpose greater than ignoring what is humane and ethical.

Donation have been pouring in and so many groups have reached out in love and supports! Eagle Ops has been a GREAT ally and we LOVE participating in their events! We got to go to their obstacle course 5k out in OKC, the Eagle Ops Honor Mile, and crossed paths in so many fun events!

We have recently ventured to University of Tulsa to begin an on-campus service dog training "club"! We met with our newest friends at TU Student Veteran Success Center as well as multiple high up administration from TU to talk about what we can bring to TU as Oklahoma's first on campus service dog training program. How cool is that?? Reaching out to students and inviting them to use their newly acquired or growing skills in our administration department, training, marketing, finance, and so much more! This is a huge step in growth and community outreach for us and we are SO excited to begin planning!!

To our newest and future applicants:

We will begin our once-monthly interview opportunities at Top Dog Ranch. If you are still waiting on an interview we will begin contacting you in the coming 2 weeks.

To applicants on our wait list for a service animal:

There are a LOT of factors that keep most dogs from becoming amazing service dogs and few factors that make them successful. We are striving for the top standard in the state of Oklahoma and with that comes time and patience as we cannot settle on just any dog that we bring into our 30 day trial and exposures period. Whenever we bring in a rescue to "try" we put them through a period of testing trainability, sociability, exposing to the world to which service dogs will work. Some dogs have lasted 3 weeks, some have lasted 48 hours. Just know that we are doing everything we can to ensure all of our dogs meet strict guidelines for greatness.

Spring is coming and events are getting put on the books! Look for them on our website and Facebook page! Cheers!

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