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The Season of Giving is Here!

This week has been full of OMG's!!! Today we received two out of THREE boxes of all things PETSAFE! PetSafe company responded to our small donation request with dozens of goodies! Literally dozens of collars, leashes, gentle leaders, harnesses, seat belts, toys, treats, some feeder bowls, and training tools! We are in AWE!!! This is the coolest donation we have received so far and with DEFinitely set us up for super success when we need supplies!

We are also super thrilled to announce Top Dog Ranch has opened its doors to us as our official training facility! This is another huge step for us in growth and support from our community. When we first started training classes we had to meet is public spaces like the mall or grocery store. The problem with that is it can be very distracting to the trainers, pups, and public. A lot of times people would walk up to a trainer right as our head trainer was giving directions and start asking about a dog not even realizing we were holding a class. Then there was the noise, smells, weirdo new sights and all that comes with taking pups into public spaces. Overall, Top Dog Ranch has the space, the accessories, tools, and flow that makes our lives 100% easier when trying to accomplish new skills. This facility is fantastic and NEW- though they have been in business for many years- its a huge new chapter for them as well!

This week we took the pups to their first movie... How To Train Your Dragon! For a first time of expecting them to sit/down still and quiet for 110 minutes is a LOT to ask but they did it! Of course the first few times we have to associate it positively and make it fun so we go during the day when few to no other guests are in the screening room. We bring 'place blankets' so they have a designated spot. And Kong's to hold them when they are antsy, treats to reinforce the good behavior, and lots of love, patience, and potty breaks for the younger ones. I am so proud of the hard work and endurance our trainers have. We are so blessed and lucky to have such wonderful people dedicating their time to train these awesome, quirky, and goofy pups!

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