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Swimming & Sunsets

Updated: Aug 28, 2018

This weekend we had a blast celebrating the pool closures for the season! As cool as the weather has been it definitely feels like fall is right around the corner. We met so many wonderful people at Broken Arrow Community Pool and even connected with some folks who want to join the volunteer team! We also met a family who's service dog is in retirement age needing to start the process of getting a new service dog! 

We were sent sample vests this week since finding just the right one is a lot harder than we thought. These were from a wonderful supplier in the U.K. They are airy and light and easy to apply and undo. We are going to get them printed and have a final product review with the gang!

We still need Oktoberfest volunteers! We need minus 10 people each night of the two shifts we have. You can work 1 or both and its from 6:30p-1a serving happy festival goers some great bier!

Applications are nearly open!! We are so close we can taste it. A few final touches and we'll begin taking volunteer and client applications! If you or someone you know wants to get involved send them our way!

Ok Enchanted Goldens is graciously giving us first pick of their most recent litter! We are SO excited about our upcoming Golden Retriever pup!!! We'll send updates as soon as we meet him!

Working on class schedules and training plans this week! Hopefully will be ready for classes so our clients and volunteers can get underway!

Happy Monday!!

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