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Crispy, Cards, Caterpillars, and Coats!

This week has been a great week for meeting knew friends! We set up our second ever booth at Labapalooza and met all kinds of people interested in doing all kinds of things! From two lovely Vet Tech students interested in volunteering to Veterans interested in obtaining a service dog! It was a crisp morning teaser to fall and we met a turtle named George!

Later in the day we had a date with some of our Veteran friends/applicants and played a gnarly game of Cards Against Humanity. If there is one thing that takes the edge off ANY kind of day its playing CAH with your hilarious crew and the doggos making sure you keep it Rated P (Puppy). 😂 🐕

All funnies aside, my go-to therapy is staring at my garden, picking weeds, reaping what I

sowed, and watching the bees and butterflies enjoy the colors and sugars of the earth. If you have never felt the power of eating a vegetable you grew from seed, its the most rewarding feeling knowing you succeeded something from start to finish. It tastes better, its appreciated, and its gratifying because it depends on you. Even better- the doodles love to help!

The added hobby for the summer has been collecting and raising swallowtail caterpillars! I think a lifetime of bullying has shaped me to never want to hurt small innocent living creatures.

The wasps come hunting in the garden for them as caterpillars so I collect them and put them in my habitat until they morph. Nature is so beautiful.

BIG news!!! Our vests have arrived!!!! We found this awesome company in the UK called Colan Ltd. and they make all kids of stuff for wholesale including the very popular "dog coat" for European service dog organizations! The price was unbeatable and are much lighter in weight compared to the standard cape style vest you get here

. We haven't printed them yet but with a little photoshop magic here is the rough draft!

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Happy for you, Kate!

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