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Colorado, College & Candy!

Wonderful things are happening this month! We took a trip to Denver to visit Freedom Service Dogs to learn how a real service dog training organization is successfully ran.

Unfortunately there isn't anything like it in Tulsa... YET! That is until WE came along! We are learning some very valuable lessons along the way to creating a successful business.

Freedom set us up for an entire day of interviews with their department leaders. from 9 a to 4p we spoke with 8 different leaders and were even treated to lunch! The facility was set up for some pretty awesome training that included auto-door buttons around every corner, a "living room" and "kitchen", a commercial airplane interior set, a training space will all the tools needed for group classes, and a quiet room for individuals who may be overwhelmed and need a mental health break.

Three kennel areas and a play yard for all of their babies in training. An on-site Vet exam room with a DVM who makes weekly visits to continue healthcare for all of the incoming and outgoing dogs. The whole trip was a blast, and snowy, and cold like a proper Colorado Welcome!

Our next visit was to our OCU crew! We currently have 2 dogs in training on Oklahoma Christian University campus being supervised by a wonderful new friend and OCU professor with a book of knowledge of service dog training. One client trainer and one volunteer trainer, each with a puppy! "Green Boy" is being trained by a volunteer trainer and Max the goldendoodle being trained by his new mom. OCU has been so amazing to sponsor and donate little Green Boy to our program. The students are voting for his official name Thursday!

Remember little Banner?? Look how grown up he is getting! 5 months old and handsome as ever! He and I took a field trip to Walmart for candy and hotdogs... unfortunately candy was gone. He wasn't too sad though.... We were just happy for dogs!😜

Our vests are enroute back to Tulsa! One of our board member's aunt's sister's cousin's dog's mom's friend's twice removed cousin has a printing business and they hooked us up big time! Who doesn't love "Do Not Pet" signs all over their service dog?? Woo Woo for official vests!! They look amazing!

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