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Banner, BEETTS, and Boxes

This week is sick week! Nearly everyone is getting the bugs going around so today was a rest day for the gang. Banner and I went to Walmart to pickup medicine for the patients back at home. His skills were on point today! Its time to step it up to harder session with more focus for him. He is so incredibly smart!

We talked about a new acronym for our trainers. We want our dogs to be as comfortable as possible in every environment new and old. This is helpful for both service dogs and pets! "Check your dog's BEETTS"

B: Body

E: Eyes

E: Ears

T: Tongue

T: Tail

S: Sounds

These are all so important to keep a steady eye on when taking your dog into new places, greeting dogs, or greeting people. Anything outside of their comfort zone that would trigger a stress response. After all, The things we ask our pets to do to satisfy our needs is often overlooked by most humans because we think our dogs serve only one purpose. Remember, your pup has psychological needs as well!

Chewy orders cam this week and our crew was getting super silly!

All their ideas.... Everyone took turns hopping in the box for a treat while mom snapped pics😂

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