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Anthem Service Dogs Task List

Mobility Tasks:

Brace: Stability/walking counterbalance

Bring: Bring a retrieved item

Carry: Carry item while walking

Close: Close a door

Dark: Turn off the lights

Find: Finding an item or human

Get it/the: Retrieving an item

Hold: Holding an item

Light: Turning on the lights

Pull: Pulling open a door or object

Push: Pushing something with nose

Touch: Pushing something with paw

PTSD/Psych Tasks:

Block: Creating a physical barrier 

Center: Positioned between legs either forward or reverse

Dark: Turning off lights

Find: Finding item or human

Find The Exit: Leading you out of a space/building

Light: Turning on lights

My Lap: Applying Deep Pressure Therapy (DPT)

Anxiety Alert: Responding to certain body languages with nose or paw touches

Nightmare Interruption: Waking from nightmare based on sleep sounds and movements

Orbit: Circling around your person to create a wider physical barrier

Standing Take-Down: Increased anxiety interruption using paws up to your chest while standing

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