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Intermediate Class

Is this class for my dog?

  • Puppies or dogs 6 months to 24 months old

  • Rabies Vaccinated 

  • Completed Beginner or evaluated and selected

  • Knows basic skills such as loose leash walking, sit, down, stay, recall

  • Does not exhibit reactivity or aggressive behaviors to humans or dogs

What breed of dog?

  • A breed that can perform the tasks needed to mitigate your disability

What will we learn?

  • Behavior Shaping

  • Intro to marker training

  • Intermediate skills- working around distractions, Targeting with nose and paws, head, and body

  • Intro to tasking- Retrieval, delivery, push, pull, find

  • Intro to public access

Who is teaching this class?

  • Trainer Alaina Pekary of Anthem Service Dogs who is one of our expert trainers and has been with Anthem since 2019. She trained our first graduate, Benson. Canine Enrichment Certified (Dognostics), Graduate Certificate of Animal Assisted Therapy (Harcum College).

  • Trainer Kate Friedl, founder of Anthem Service Dogs

What are class expectations?

  • Classes are once/week for 6 weeks

  • Medium homework assignments (15-30 min/day)

  • Class sizes are limited to 4 dogs

  • Must be evaluated and selected for this class

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