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We are looking for awesome energetic, enthusiastic, and loving people to join our

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Volunteer opportunities include:




Training a service dog: Training a service dog is the most rewarding job person could accomplish. It involves many hours per day every day of the week teaching new skills, reaching goals, and bonding with an amazing animal. The discipline and structure it takes to achieve our standards is no walk in the park. Daily exercise, brain games, and teachable moments is just a little bit of what to expect. It takes an individual with patience, perseverance, and unconditional love from start to finish. You also must mentally prep to transition the dog from your care to their new handler. We do everything we can to make that transition as easy as possible including having you work with the new handler for a period of time, having the dog stay overnight with them, keeping in contact and always being available to dog sit should there be a need. Click Here to apply!

Dog sitting: Dog sitters are super important! If our trainers have to make a trip and cannot take their dog in training, we prefer our dogs go to a home rather than a kennel. 

For dogs with disabled handlers, there is always the possibility of a procedure, hospital stay, trip, or illness that could keep them from caring for their dog for a number of days. 


Part Time Trainer: Want to train a service dog but are unable to keep pup full time? We love our trainers and volunteers and this is a great opportunity to gain volunteer hours, learn what it takes to train a service dog, and help us expose our dogs to the outside world! Part time trainers can come pick up dogs from their full time handlers to take on errands, work, school, and activities or training sessions. You can also meet at our scheduled class training times and work pup through class.


Trade show booth attendantWe have many opportunities coming up at trade shows, festivals, fundraisers, etc. where we will need booth attendants who can answer questions and provide information about our organization. We provide all the materials you need and you may sign up to work any of the events.


Fundraiser or Demo leader: We are planning all kinds of FUNdraisers! Some may even be multiple locations on the same day. We will also have demo opportunities for the trainers and dogs. Many public and private facilities request information on training, dogs, etc. and we need leaders who can head each event. If you have strong leadership and speaking skills, energetic, and motivated, this job is for you! 


Activities Class Speaker/Leader: Do you have a skill, certification, professional license, or just want to have fun with a group of dogs and people? We would love to have you as an activity leader! We are looking for activities that can fit a variety of people! Things like Dog (dog+yoga), swimming, running, hiking, crafts, nutrition/health, or a fun place to visit would be awesome to bring to the Anthem family. We want our clients, trainers, and volunteers to love what they do and have positive experiences with their families and dogs. Some clients have not had fun in a very long time and we want to provide a safe and ideal environment that would encourage positive interactions and stimulus.

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