Who We Are

Anthem Service Dogs, Inc. is a Tulsa based 501c3 nonprofit organization based in the Tulsa area. We are a group of volunteers who train service dogs for persons with disabilities in Oklahoma


Our Mission

To rescue and train dogs to become service dogs specializing in 

mobility and PTSD for disabled veterans and civilians in

Oklahoma at no cost.

What our dogs can do for our clients

  • Finding, retrieving and delivering items 

  • Turning lights on or off

  • Brace/stabilize

  • Open and close doors

  • Push buttons such as handicap doors or elevators

  • Assisting with shopping/groceries

  • Assist with laundry

  • Alert to increase in psychological stress

  • Wake from nightmares

  • Apply Deep Pressure Therapy (DPT)

  • Block close or approaching people

  • Find exits

  • Find help

  • Medication retrieval

Service dogs can be a huge gateway for those who struggle daily with social, psychological, and physical limitations. 

Psychiatric service dogs provide a grounding element to PTSD circumstances. These dogs are trained to be "bomb-proof". If a high stress situation arises, our dogs are trained to remain calm and hold their ground for their client. This can benefit clients who experience blackouts, sudden onset high blood pressure/dizziness/near syncope, or sudden onset panic/anxiety episodes. Our dogs can lead their client calmly out of that situation and alert for you to find a safe spot to stop and decompress. The dogs are trained to read your body language and alert to it to potentially avoid those situations. It is just one example of the many amazing tasking we teach our canines.